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Plant Pals™ Science Kit

So much more than your basic “plant a seed and watch it grow ” kit! Once kids get their Plant Pals ready, the action has just begun? Mung Bean Pals can’t wait to show off their super fast growth moves with the awesome plant measurer that kids make themselves? Connor’s growth chart makes it easy to see day-to-day progress and to compare how fast Plant Pals whose seeds were soaked in water before planting grow next to the Pals who went straight into the soy? Who knew that Plant Pals like to grow against gravity? Kids check this out and more with Connor’s other experiment? For those questions they didn’t even know they had, Connor’s kid-to-kid FAQ sheet spells it out! This is the perfect all weather growing kit? It’s just right for getting kids up to speed on gardening basics before starting an outdoor garden? Plant Pals need only a small amount of space and light, so they can hang out with everybody!

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