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Stretch it! Break it! Ooze it! Your students will come up with wonderful and hilarious things to do with slime, and it’s completely washable. A generous 20 oz of Slimerizer™ and 40 oz of Slime Base guarantee hours of slimy adventure. Students discover the scientific method by inventing their own slime formulas – want it extra stretchy and gooey? Just add more Slimerizer™. A little over the top? Next time try adding less! Students record their formulas on my chart so they can make their favorites again and share their breakthroughs with friends. After a creative experience with Polymer Power™, they’ll be able to impress friends, family and even teachers with their knowledge of molecules, polymers and chemical reactions (it’s not just all about snot).Check out the catalog for more information!
$79 Activity Pack / $299 Activity 4-Pack


So much more than your basic “plant a seed and watch it grow” kit! Once students get their Plant Pals™ ready, the action has just begun. Mung Bean Pals can’t wait to show off their super fast growth moves with the awesome plant measurer that students make themselves. My growth chart makes it easy to see day-to-day progress and to compare how fast Plant Pals™ whose seeds were soaked in water before planting grow next to the Pals who went straight into the soil. Who knew that Plant Pals™ like to grow against gravity? Students check this out and more with my other experiments. For those questions they didn’t even know they had, my kid-to-kid FAQ sheet spells it out! This is the perfect all weather growing kit. It’s just right for getting your class up to speed on gardening basics before starting an outdoor garden. Plant Pals™ need only a small amount of space and light, so they can hang out with everybody! Check out the catalog for more information.
$79 Activity Pack / $299 Activity 4-Pack



Who doesn’t love crystals? My best selling Crystal Explosion™ kit shows results as soon as several hours after students mix their own “Crystalizer™ Solution” and pop it in the refrigerator. In 24 hours or less, their cups will be full of beautiful needle-like crystals! I’ve included two more captivating experiments, the last of which grows an amazing mega crystal (my favorite)! Enough materials are included to repeat each experiment, leaving plenty of room for exploration. Crystal Explosion™ is unlike almost every crystal growing kit on the market, no dangerous chemicals are involved and no stove or microwave needed! That means there isn’t the risk of boiling water. My special Crystalizer™ Mix uses only warm tap water and yeah, the materials are non-toxic! Check out the catalog for more information.
$79 Activity Pack / $299 Activity 4-Pack


Ready for some easy to care for, neat to watch, parent approved pets? Meet Insta-pets™! They always stay inside their cup, don’t eat the homework and never outgrow their space. Your students will hatch them, feed them, and watch them grow. But lest you think Insta-pets™ are boring, let me tell you they swim upside down, like to swarm toward bright light, and do really wacky moves when taken from a dark to light environment.Students get started by mixing my included Magic Mix™ with spring water (also included). Insta-pets™ hatch in just 24 hours and need to be fed only every couple of weeks. That’s it! Insta-pets™ live for 2-6 months and of course I’ve included extra Magic Mix™ so students can always hatch more. Check out the catalog for more information. $79 Activity Pack / $299 Activity 4-Pack

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