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Connor’s Story

That’s right, I’m the Connor of Kits for Kids, and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been playing with science kits and experiments since I was little. I look at things and wonder “why does that happen?” or “how does that work?” It was frustrating when my teachers couldn’t always answer my questions, or when science kits ran out of materials before I was finished experimenting with them, so I decided to see what I could do about that. In third grade, I began making science experiments and showing them to friends, who thought they were really cool. So, in the fourth grade, my love of teaching and my love of science came together when I started Connor’s Kits for Kids. Today, kids all over the country are using my kits and having fun with science!


About Kits for Kids

I started Connor’s Kits for Kids in 2004 to show kids of all ages that everyone can have fun with science. Science can sometimes seem mysterious and complicated, like it’s only for certain kinds of people. That’s definitely not true! I believe we can never have enough experimenters and innovators. Inspiring our next generation of scientists with exciting, hands on experiences at an early age is what I’m all about. I mean, what’s better than having fun while you’re learning?

My allowance friendly kits help make that happen with cool experiments, lots of materials, and easy to follow instructions with clear explanations. In fact, I  include such a generous amount of materials that it’s like getting two kits for the price of one!

I’ve always had questions about why things work the way they do. That’s why I have a facts or FAQ section in every set of instructions. Have a question that’s not answered there? No problem! You can send me an email via the Contact Connor page.


My Social Mission

I know that inspiring the next generation of scientists starts with positive science experiences at early ages. That’s why I use part of my profits to visit elementary and middle school classrooms at no cost to teachers and lead exciting science activities with students. I also speak to students about the importance of entrepreneurship and the pursuit of life goals. Interested in having me come to your classroom? Please go to Contact Connor for details.

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